Everything You Should Know About the Youtube Premium

Today, it is almost impossible to find a person without using YouTube. Those who have the touch mobile in their hand and the internet facility will surely use YouTube. The purpose of using it may differ from person to person, but everyone is using it in the current world mandatorily. You can watch motivational videos, serials, movies, etc., on Youtube, and it is the best online video streaming service worldwide. If you are a YouTube user, you need to learn about the Youtube premium. Let's discuss various things of YouTube premium in this post:

What is YouTube Premium?

No one is paying any additional charge to use the Youtube service, which is the difference between YouTube and YouTube Premium. It is a subscription service provided by YouTube. The service offers ad-free access to all content on the site and access to premium YouTube Originals programming created in collaboration with the site's creators, the ability to download videos and playback videos in the background on mobile devices, and access to the YouTube Music streaming service. Worldwide the Youtube premium is getting famous, and many people subscribe to it to get the benefits.

Features and benefits of YouTube premium 

You may ask why you need to pay money and become a member of YouTube premium, and the reason is the features and benefits of YouTube premium. They are mentioned below here:

Ad-free Youtube – Seeing advertisements in the middle of the video is a little annoying, and when you get Youtube premium, the advertisement will not disturb you.

Offline Watching and Listening - Enjoy the music by listening to it and watching the video without an internet connection. The offline feature is there in the Youtube premium.

Play in the Background - You can play video and music in the background without disturbing your work if you upgrade to the Premium membership.

YouTube Music - In addition to the upgraded YouTube app, you will receive a music app that allows you to listen to music without being interrupted by advertisements.

YouTube Originals - In addition to watching ad-free videos and listening to music, you can watch some YouTube Originals movies and shows.

YouTube Kids - Another app you can download to set up YouTube for your child is YouTube Kids. This app only has kid's shows and videos.  

Steps to Subscribe to Youtube Premium

After knowing about the features and benefits of Youtube premium, if you wish to subscribe to it, then you need to follow the following steps:

Step1: Open the Youtube app on your phone or tablet.

Step2: When you like to start your membership, sign in to the Google Account.

Step3: Now, you need to select and tap on your profile picture.

Step4: Some people are eligible to get the free trial (1Month) and if you are eligible, start your free trial. Otherwise, tap on getting Youtube premium.

Bottom Line: 

Finally, the essential details about the Youtube premium are well explained above and when you are clear with the points, start your membership.