Simple Steps to Use a Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo, one of the early Internet pioneers and a popular web services provider, provides a wide range of services, including email, a web service engine, and more. Yahoo Mail is a feature-rich email program used by millions of people worldwide. Yahoo Mail founded in 1997 and is now a subsidiary of Verizon is available on the web, mobile devices, and Windows 10. It is well-known for its incredible features, and even though there is an availability of Gmail, many people love to use Yahoo mail. You are going to learn how to create and log in to Yahoo mail through this post:

How to Create Your Yahoo Mail Account on Mobile Devices? 

In both Android and iPhone, you can use the yahoo mail app, and before logging in, you have to create your yahoo mail account. The steps for sign-in are very simple, and those are listed here:

Step1: Open your browser and navigate to

Step2: Now, press the Signup button.

Step3: To create a Yahoo account, enter your basic information: name, age, gender, and date of birth.

Step4: To create a Yahoo account, click the Continue button.

Step5: Create a Yahoo account using your phone number.

Step6: To confirm your account, enter your mobile phone number.

Step7: You will now receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your previously entered phone number.

Step8: Enter the OTP to validate your account.

Step9: Finally, your Yahoo account has been created successfully.

How to Log Into Another Account? 

When you have already signed into a yahoo account and need to log into another account, you have to follow a few steps. Those easy steps are mentioned below:

Step1: Tap the Y! Icon in the top left corner of the Yahoo Mail app.

Step2: Select Manage accounts from the menu.

Step3: Select Add account. If you are using an iPhone, a dialogue box will appear asking for permission to open a browser window and tap Continue.

Step4: Tap next after entering your Yahoo Mail username, email address, or mobile phone number associated with the account.

Step5: Enter your password and press the Next button.

Step6: After a brief moment, you will be signed in and directed to your inbox.

How to Log Into Yahoo Mail on a Computer? 

Apart from Android or iPhone, you can also use yahoo mail on your computer. You can log into Yahoo Mail in a web browser the same way whether you have a PC or a Mac. Follow the given steps:

Step1: Go to in a browser.

Step2: Enter your Yahoo Mail username, email address, or mobile phone number linked with the account, and then press next.

Step3: Enter your password and then press the Next button.

Step4: After a brief moment, you will be signed in and directed to your inbox.

Wrapping It Up:

Hopefully, all the necessary steps to create a yahoo mail account and other things are given above. In addition to this, you can even reset your forgotten password of yahoo mail. Various features are there in Yahoo mail and you can enjoy it by using the yahoo mail.