Don't Speak the Language? How to Use Google Translate

Google provides two iOS and Android smartphones apps that can let you converse with someone who speaks a foreign language, translate a menu, transcribe a conversation, or dictate in another language. Enter, write, or speak into the app to convert hundreds of languages into text or speech. You may also get a real-time translation by pointing your Smartphone at a sign or menu in a foreign language. When you ask Google to help you with a certain language, the Assistant instantaneously translates your words so you can keep a conversation going with the other person. Here are some translations on using the Google translate app and Google Assistant below.

Google Translate:

Google Translate is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, such as iPhone and iPad users can get it from the App Store, while Android users can get it from Google Play. Both versions have similar features and typed text can be translated into over 100 languages, photos can be viewed in roughly 90 languages, bilingual dialogues can be translated on the fly in 43 languages, and text can be drawn for translation in 95 languages. Many languages include offline translations, and you can save translated words and phrases for later use.

Translate Text:

Let's imagine you want an Italian translation of an English phrase so that you need to name the current language on the top side of the screen. For this process, you need to select the English language as a source language and tap the fields that say tap to enter text, and start typing the English word or phrase to translate as per your wish. As you type or write the character on the screen, the app tries to calculate your plan to write in full by displaying the probable words and letter combinations. Finally, you can tap the copy icon to copy the translation and the three-dot icon to share it, and you can see it on full screen, and you can start your conservation or reverse the translation.

Translate Images:

Another amazing feature is using your phone's camera to translate text into images. Then hit the camera icon to select the source and target languages. The camera on your device aims at a sign, menu, or document printed in the original language. Google Translate provides real-time translations, although certain languages will require a language pack to be downloaded. Once the software recognizes the text, it is translated into the target language and shown on the screen.

Translate Speech:

You can talk in one language and have the software transcribe your words into another. The transcription can be selected and copied to be pasted icon. You need to speak your word or phrase into the app by tapping the microphone button at the top of the screen. You need to type the word, which is subsequently translated into the target language by Google Translate. To hear the translation, press the Speaker icon. Another alternative is to tap the Transcribe icon before starting to talk. When you are done, tap the microphone icon.

Final Thoughts:

Thus, you can use Google Translate without speaking the language. Without speaking, you can use it to translate the text, image or speech, etc.