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Get the Best Laser Engraving Machine from OMTech Laser

Are you looking for the best laser engraving machine to develop your business? If yes, here is the apt place for your search: the OMTech laser. This company was established in 2020, and it is located in Anaheim, California, United States. It is a machinery-based company selling many laser engravers and fiber laser markers, and they are flagging top in the market because of their friendly customer service. Some of the products of OMTech laser are listed below.

Products of the OMTech Laser 

Af2028-60 - 60w Co2 of Laser Engraver Cutting Machine - 20” X 28” in Working Area - (With Auto Focus):

It is the best product of OMTech laser, and it can cut up to 6mm thick plexiglass/acrylic. The laser tube in this product is 60W CO2 which means its lifetime is up to 2000 operations hours, which may differ depending on power storage usage. You can also get cooling water performance from laser tubes. 

Refurbished Fm7979-30 - 30w Fiber of Laser Marker Engraving Machine - 7.9” X 7.9”  in Working Area:

Under this product, there are three conditions such as good, great, and like new. It is also said to be one of the best products since the OMTech specialist did a QA inspection and described it as an OMTech certified product.  OMTech laser provides this product as a package that includes one power cable, two grounding wires, four bolts, etc. This product has a one-year warranty and has CE, FDA compliant certification, and more. 

6l Industrial Dual Water Chiller for 50w-150w Co2 of Laser Engraver Machines:

This product has correction-free performance, and it has long-term durability. You need to use this water chiller with distilled water and equipped with first quality brass inlet and outlet ports. There is a digital display with an internal sensor in this product. 

Bottom line: 

Thus, the details explained earlier are some of the products of OMTech laser, and you can get more other products from them. Get high-quality laser engravers from this company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any laser marking spray is there in the Omtech Laser shop?

Yes, Brilliance laser marking spray is there in the Omtech Laser shop. This spray can be applied to steel, titanium, iron, bronze, copper etc.

What is the best Omtech Laser Water Chiller?

6L CW 5200 Industrial Water Chiller machine is the best Omtech Laser Water Chiller. The strong brass alloy is used to produce Omtech Laser Water Chillers, so it works well for many years.

Which is the highest efficient Omtech Fiber Laser?

The most efficient Omtech Fiber Laser is a 100W laser. It cuts any object quickly due to its highest output power, frequency, and wavelength. 

Does the Omtech Laser 4 wheel rotary come with any warranty?

Yes, the Omtech Laser provides 12 months assurance on the 4 wheel rotary axis engraver cutting machine. Users can easily carry this due to its lightweight.