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Frequently Asked Questions

What are LaCie Best Selling products?

Some of the LaCie Best Selling products are LaCie SSD 1TB, LaCie SSD 2TB, LaCie External Hard Drive 4TB, LaCie External Hard Drive 2 TB, LaCie 2 Big Thunderbolt 2, LaCie 2 Big Quadra, LaCie 2 Big NAS, LaCie Rugged USB - C etc.

Can I check the return status of my order?

Yes, You can check the return status of your order. Enter name and order number in the LaCie official website and get details.

Does LaCie repair the damaged products?

No, LaCie does not repair damaged products. But it supplies components for repaired products at low cost with good quality.

How many years do I get warranty on LaCie orders?

Upto 5 years you can get warranty on LaCie orders. Don't worry, after that warranty period also they work effectively. As the LaCie products are designed with standard materials so they have a long life span.