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Smell Good with Hinoki LAB Products

Do you know anything about Hinoki trees? Do you have any idea about it? It is a famous tree in Japan and belongs to the cypress's species, growing up to 50-75 feet. The smell from the Hinoki is unexplainable as it has that much excellent fragment. The smell brings only calmness, and the Hinoki lab was established in 1985 after 30 years of research. It presents the fragrance of the Hinoki and benefits through its products and some of them are listed here for you.

Products of Hinoki Lab

Hinoki LAB Hinoki Essential Oil Wood for 5ml

The Hinoki lab products are made up of chosen hinoki trees, and those trees are grown in the mountains of the Okayama prefecture. The essence and fragrance in this product will relax you, and it is an amazing gift for men. You can use this product up to 2 years from the manufacturing date and use it at the drop level.

Hinoki LAB Sanitary aroma mist Herbal hinoki Main bottle for 100ml

100% natural and alcohol-based cleaning agent spray that let you enjoy the relaxing scent of Hinoki while protecting yourself from viruses and bacteria by covering it on a mask or wherever you need it. It relieves stress on your daily mask, and the calming and antibacterial properties of Hinoki transport you to a relaxing Japanese forest bath. In short, it is healthy with the good fragment.

Hinoki LAB Potpourri Pot Medium with citrus hinoki

This product is perfect for a Christmas, birthday, or another festive gift. 'Natural fragrance oil' can be chosen from spicy, citrus, or herbal. Consider the size of your room and pot, and soak this according to that amount. Present this to your loved ones and make them feel relaxed because of you. 

Bottom Line: 

All the products mentioned earlier from the Hinoki lab mostly represent the fragments from Hinoki. It is best for calm and relaxing and so buys and enjoys it.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what colors the Hinoki Lab Reed Sticks For Diffuser are purchasable?

The Hinoki Lab provides multiple colors of Reed Sticks For Diffuser namely pale pink, royal blue, red, violet, moss green, etc. The Reed Sticks For Diffuser set comes with 10 sticks.

Does the Hinoki Lab offer free shipping?

Yes, purchase more than 25 USD for free Hinoki Lab shipping otherwise the users should pay an extra 5 USD on each order.

Is the Hinoki Lab Electronic Diffuser expensive?

No, The Hinoki Lab Electronic Diffuser cost is just $180. It spreads the fragrance equally to all sides of a room.

Do any body sprays are available in the Hinoki Lab?

Yes, Hinoki Lab Outdoor Body Spray is available in the Hinoki Lab. It is a good natural body spray that fights against insects.