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Start a Fire with Black Beard Fire Starter

Are you going on a camping trip with your friends or family? Or are you planning to have dinner in your garden just like a night camp? Having the best kit can help you not just look cool and get the complete feeling of being a camp. It also helps you during the times of need. A fire starter can be the best option that will be needed in your kit. And, you can get the best products from Black Beard Fire Starter, where all the products are provided with quality, and they are tested.

Black Beard Fire Starter

This Black Beard Fire Starter has a single stick that can help you with starting a fire. Please do not underestimate a single stick. This is because there are so many advantages from this single stick, such as the fire that is built using this single stick is waterproof, windproof, it does not produce any harmful toxins, and hence it does not cause any health ailments. Moreover, you don’t have to nauseate because the fire stick produces an odorless fire. They provide a minimum of 4 hours of burn and are eco-friendly. You won’t feel the weight of carrying these sticks around because they weigh around 65 grams.

Stormproof Matches

The name itself explains the endurance of the fire that can be produced using these stormproof matches. A single set of matchboxes contains 20 sticks packaged neatly so that the sticks are dry and not in wet condition. The flame produced from these sticks can tolerate heavy rains, and they can burn even submerged into water or buried into the land. Thus, these can be the best option for your wild campaigns.

The Pirates Plunder

This is like a combo pack that consists of 4 fire starters from Black Beard Fire Starter, along with one piece of Black Beard Ferro Rod. You will also get a fire kit organizer with the pack, and you are also provided with an arc lighter and Velcro Patch.

The Bottom Line

These products are completely tested and provided with great quality. The important thing is that they are available at an affordable price. Survive with fire by using Black Beard Fire Starter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Black Beard Fire lighters have an expiry date?

The Black Beard Firelighters do not have an expiry date. They have an infinite life time.

What is included in Black Beard Fire Grab & Go Kit?

3 Black Beard Fire starters, 1 Free Kit Organizer, 1 Black Beard Arc Lighter, and 1 Black Beard Velcro Patch are there in the Black Beard Fire Grab & Go Kit. All these are ready to use products.

Does Black Beard Fire supply any apparel?

Yes, Pirates Life For Me (T-shirt) and the Captain's Organizer (Bag) are available along with fire starters in the Black Beard Fire online store.

What is the length of the Black Beard Fire Ferro Rod?

The length of the Black Beard Fire Ferro Rod is 5 inches. It is good for upto 20000 strikes.