Get the Imaging Accessories from The Tiffen Company

The Tiffen Company was established in 1938 by sol Tiffen and later it was taken care of by his brothers Leo and nat. At that time, the company sold an array of camera accessories. They sold the filters, adapter rings and lens accessories to the professional photographers. Even the optical filters were made in the other companies but were inconsistent in colour and quality. So they did a little research and later developed their filters to the market. This was not just the filter, but a major breakthrough for the filter technology.

Glimmerglass Filter

This is a line of diffusion filters that produces a soft clean halation. This is produced around the practical and specular light sources. This keeps an apparent sharpness on the overall image. This filter never becomes over powerful even at the heavier densities. It has got a benefit of sparkling when viewed. This can add reassurance to your talent when shooting beauty.

Combination IRND/black pro mist water white filter

This filter is originally designed for the TV and the motion picture industry. Now it is available to all the photographers and the videographers. This filter is special as it offers all the benefits of the pro-mist filter. In this filter, the highlight flares are controlled. Also, the contrast is lowered and creates a soft light pastel effect. Overall it gives a delicate effect with the contained highlight flare.

Lowel go lite compact LED light

This one is a professional micro LED lighting system which has high brightness and accurate colour temperature output. This is perfect for the videographer and the photographers where it can be used as on camera light. This allows the users to easily attach this compact micro LED to the hot shoe.

Therefore these are some of the imaging accessories offered by the Tiffen company. If you are a photographer or a videographer then you really have to visit their website.