Enjoy Your Anime Hobbies from Glacier Hobbies

Are you an anime lover? Since most kids love to play with toys, but when it is about animated toys, even adult people love to play with them, and some people have the hobbies of collecting figure-based anime and some popular game characters. Where to get those anime? The right platform for that is Glacier Hobbies, and it is an online store and family-owned business. It is located in California and is trying to spread anime culture by offering quality products. In this post, you will see some of its products.

Products of Glacier Hobbies

Pokemon Nanoblock Mimikyu:

Pokemon is one of the favorite characters for many kids, and they love the actions and screenplays of pokemon. Building blocks help the children to think well, and that will improve the efficiency of the child while playing with blocks. There will be instructions and details for the children to build this product.

Nendoroid Kikyo:

It is one of the prettiest products of glacier hobbies, and it has three faceplates that include some of the expressions. This product represents a popular character in the manga series, and the store offers an arrow, one of the soul collectors, bow, and demon with this product. This product has a pre-order facility.

30mm ExA Air fighter (White):

It is an excellent product of glacier hobbies since it was used in many ways. You can play with this toy as an aircraft or transform it into a person using the same parts. There will be a face part inside the package, and along with that, you will have grips, weapon handles, legs, etc., and you can customize it into a vehicle or body with the face.

Bottom Line: 

Thus, the products mentioned earlier are some of the best anime toys available in Glacier hobbies, and you can get this product at a reasonable cost. So pre-order your toy since the toys are getting out of stock daily.