Assure Your Personal Safety with PPE Products of CTBiotech

CTBiotech is a Connecticut company that strives to create simple solutions to solve the complex problems of humankind. They are best at utilizing science, technology, innovations, academia, and commercial expertise. They produce the most standard readily usable personal protective products and bring them to market with the E-commerce platform. Their products assure a high-level safety and help you fight against bacteria’s and viruses in the environment. They launch their product with more affordability and make sure that they reach your hand faster.

N95 Masks

This product is especially for industrial works and protects you better from toxins in the air and atmosphere. When you prefer these masks at clinic usage, it will protect you against every health spoiler. With this CTBiotech product, you can assure zero infection through air particles.

CTBiotech Surgical Masks

This product of CTBiotech comes with various packages starting from 300 to 5000. This is a user-friendly product that assures protection with high-level comfort. The mask is featured with an adjustable nose clip that ensures your secure fit. This product comes with a non-woven spun-bond filtering media that shields bacteria from your reach. This lightweight product is hypoallergenic and soft. It is a reusable mask that keeps you safe during your outdoor times.

Level 3 Isolation Gown with GSM 43 Non-Woven SMS Fabric

This PPE product of CTBiotech comes with high-level fluid protection. It is featured with Melt brown layer and has a non-women SMS fabric material. You can have complete flexibility and comfortability with this isolation gown. With this, you can fit them with security and comfortability. This is the cheapest disposable gown that you can avail of at the shopping site of CTBiotech.

Bottom Line:

The PPE product is most important for your strong health, and you can achieve it with ISO-certified PPE products at CTBiotech.